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Botica di Servicio Eagle

Health Driven
Caya Punta Brabo 17 Aruba


Hours of Operation

Monday to Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Delivery service: Are you experiencing (temporarily) poor health and do you need special medications? Botica di Servicio is there for you also in difficult periods! Your health is our motive. We will try to find solutions to specific problems in consultation with other health care providers. Do you want to have your medicines delivered at home? Contact us, we will do our utmost to help you where we can.

Consultation hour: Would you like to know more about your medication, your illness or aid? Stop by Botica di Servicio or make an appointment for a personal consultation. We love to tell you more about your medicines or devices and we will answer all your questions.

OUR PRODUCTS Besides medicines, food supplements and regular drugstore goods, we offer a wide range of organic cosmetics and groceries that are 100% 'artificial anything' free.

Looking after what you put in your body? Great and its time to look after what you put on your skin too. We absorb 60 per cent of what we put on our bodies because, yes, your skin is not waterproof. We provide you with a range of organic brands to really spoil yourself.

Botica di Servicio is a celebration of nature, overflowing with mouth-watering, inspiring and ecologically great ideas. Walk into one of our stores and we'll inspire you to experiment with new ingredients and help you to choose the best bodycare, cosmetics or natural remedy.

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